Building a truly human culture

Below is a list of the courses we will be offering for the Fall 2018 semester! If you are interested in attending a class that requires registration, please do so in the form below or call the parish office for help. All classes are free and open to everyone. If you cannot attend a class you’ve registered for, please contact the parish office to allow someone on the waitlist to have the spot. 

The Church in Colorado
10/13 10am-12pm | Sarah Gilmor
We’ll take a trip to the History Colorado Center where Parishioner Sarah Gilmor will guide us through the Church’s history in the area and share Catholic archives and artifacts from the state historical society’s collection. We’ll meet at the church to carpool at 10am. Space is limited to 12 people.

Spanish 102
Tuesdays at 7pm | Beginning 9/4 |
 Makena Clawson
All levels are welcome to learn conversational Spanish. Emphasis will be on speaking and confidence, so come and have fun! The class will have a beginner and an intermediate track, so come whether you know “un poco” or a lot.

“The Wellspring of Worship” Book Club
10/27 at 9am | Fr. Daniel
This book will change the way you attend Mass. Enjoy a conversation and a renewal of your liturgical life.

Watercolor Workshop
Sat 11/3 3pm | Makena Clawson
Join for a relaxed afternoon of painting with basic instruction and tips about colors, washes, perspective, etc. No prior experience necessary. Come to learn a few techniques and let your creativity flow!

Supper Club
Begins in September | Registration closes August 3rd

After being quite a hit last semester, the supper club is back! If you missed your chance to sign up, now is the time! You will be assigned to dine in rotating groups with others in the club, which is a great way to meet more parishioners and make new friends. Members take turns bringing food and hosting, though you do not need to host if you are unable. Singles will be paired with another single of the same gender. Use the additional registration form below.

Culture + the Land
How do Catholics see the environment? How do we treat creation? What is our relationship and connection with the land? What can it teach us about God? Explore different topics related to the land in these three seminars. 

Visit to the Abbey of St. Walburga
9/15 9am-4pm

Visit the Abbey of St. Walburga to experience the rhythm of seasons and work that greatly impact our spiritual lives. We will pray with the sisters, share a meal, and tour the grounds. We’ll meet at the church to carpool at 9am.

Wendell Berry: A Prophet of the Land
10/11 6pm | Adam Beach

Adam Beach will explore the writings and thought of poet-novelist-farmer Wendell Berry, with an eye toward describing what Catholics can learn from this living prophet.

Renewal: Culture + the Land
11/15 6pm | Dr. Jared Staudt

Dr. Jared Staudt will explore the way that the Scriptures, Sacred Tradition, and the witness of the Saints calls the faithful to a radical engagement with the land in the process of Catholic cultural renewal.

Basement Dialogues
Based on the custom of “salons” of people getting together to discuss pertinent issues, we’ll have our own series of dialogues in the rectory basement, a perfect setting for sharing ideas. A moderator will present a topic and give a short intro in order to facilitate discussion. To encourage sharing, group will be limited to 15 people. 

Media and Life
8/28 7pm| Ryan Thomas
Does the music you listen to really matter? What about movies? Can Catholics live a radically different life of holiness whilel taking in all of the culture’s media? Come ready to share your thoughts.

The Morality of Marijuana
10/23 7pm| Phil Couture
Have you ever wondered if smoking marijuana is any different than drinking alcohol? What is the Church’s stance? Can you smoke marijuana and not get high? What is it doing to our culture and family life?