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No homily recording this week.

Dear brothers and sisters,
After the special days of the Christmas season, we are just beginning the path a new ordinary time, with our focus placed now on following Christ along his ordinary, daily life. It is very meaningful that today we are called to reflect on Jesus’ first sign and on Mary’s intercession.

Jesus showed his glory to his disciples through a sign that expressed his concern for our happiness: He multiplied wine for a wedding celebration. His hour had not yet come, but He still made what seemed impossible. This “sets the tone” for Jesus’ teaching and ministry: He cares for our salvation, but He also invites us trust in his providence for all our needs. In this first miracle, Mary had a decisive role. She, with motherly reverence and care, noticed that they were running out of wine and interceded for the couple before Jesus. She obtained this miracle, this sign of God’s love, this first manifestation of Christ’s glory.

In the same way, as we begin this year, Jesus wants us to rest assured of his providential love and trust in Him, and Mary wants us to place our confidence in her maternal intercession. With her, we can be certain that our needs will be taken care of, because she will know what is lacking in us and pray for it to her Son.

With my prayers,
Fr. Daniel