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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
On the fourth Sunday of Easter the Church invites us to contemplate one of the dearest images of Jesus, one used by Christ himself to describe his unique love and relationship with his disciples: the Good Shepherd. This image was very dear to the first Christians, who painted it in their catacombs, finding comfort in the midst of persecutions.

The Lord said in the Gospel: My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me. Even before we get to know Him, He knows us. He knew us even before we were born; He knows every single thought, every longing, every pain and every joy. Because of this, we trust Him and we hear his voice, we follow Him.

This reality is a consequence of the resurrection. Because He rose from the dead, he is truly alive and can be with us; we hear his voice because He is alive in his word and comes to us in the sacraments; we follow Him in the Church, our Mother. This Sunday becomes an occasion to try to renew our awareness of his risen presence in our lives, the certitude that He is truly the Good Shepherd, who knows, loves and protect us.

With my prayers,
Fr. Daniel