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Dear friends in Christ,
It is always special when we wear the rose vestments that clearly make us think about an unusual day; after all, we only wear these vestments twice a year. With great wisdom the Church puts before our eyes a symbol of gladness, an invitation to renew our joy. In the midst of Lent, as the celebration of Easter approaches, we are called to raise up our eyes to the gift that we are about to receive and increase our expectation.

Now, this increased expectation and renewed joy must mean more than a momentary emotional experience. This “Laetare Sunday” is meant to be a day of joyful renewal of our Lenten resolutions, a moment to refine our efforts now that the celebration of Holy Week approaches. And so, with the joy of this day and moved by the amazing mercy of our Good Father, lets us try to be good and prepare our hearts as best as we can, for a fruitful participation in the mysteries of our reconciliation.

With my prayers,
Fr. Daniel