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Dear friends in Christ,

We have been called for freedom. The words inspired by God to Saint Paul are very clear and important: for freedom we have been set free. What does this mean? First, we have been set free: Jesus became one of us and died for us so that we can receive the gift of freedom: freedom from sin and death. Second, this gift does not guarantee that our life is going to be, actually, free from sins. The gift is there, given freely and generously. But we need to receive it and cooperate with it. We need to respond to God’s grace and choose effectively to do what God wants for us.

Freedom is not just a simple capacity to do things, to choose whatever we want. Freedom is, firstly, “being freed” by someone, and so, true freedom becomes responding to the one who has freed us. True freedom is to be able to say to Jesus I will follow you wherever you go, and actually do it, without looking back. Let us pray for the gift of freedom and let us make our best effort, in the daily and many times unpretentious circumstances of our life, to be actually free and follow Jesus in every action and thought.

With my prayers,
Fr. Daniel