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Dear brothers and sisters,

One of the fruits of Easter is the gift of peace. When we hear the word “peace,” we think of something good and positive. Even people without faith would agree that peace is something to be aimed for. But what is peace?

Today’s Gospel offers an important key in order to understand the gift of Christ’s peace. He said Do not let your hearts be troubled. What does He mean? The Lord is saying that even if there are difficult and painful moments in life, we should not be troubled. It is one thing to suffer; it is another thing to be troubled. How can we endure difficult times without letting our hearts be troubled? This is only possible if we welcome the gift of Christ’s peace. His peace is not a feeling; He spoke of it as something He will leave us, as something He gives. This gift is a reality that we cannot produce, that comes from outside our hearts, from his own heart, giving us the serenity and security that his love is indeed stronger than sin and death. It is only because of his risen presence that peace can be a reality in our hearts and that we can be not troubled, but be in his loving presence.

With my prayers,
Fr. Daniel