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Dear friends in Christ,

Our beautiful Gospel tells us of Martha and Mary and their relationship with the Lord. We know that they —and Lazarus, their brother— were good friends of Jesus and would host Him at their home. And we also know that they were different and had a different way of relating with Him.

Typically, Mary has been seen as a symbol of contemplation and Martha of action. While this is important and true, it is also important to keep in mind that what matters is not primarily the way in which we encounter Christ, but that we actually do encounter Him, that we choose the better part. Martha’s problem was not that she was working hard, but that she was anxious and distracted and, therefore, while preparing a feast for Jesus, she was away from Him. The main lesson of today’s Gospel is that we need to choose the better part: be with Christ always, whether we are in church or at work, because that will never be taken away from us.

United in prayer,
Fr. Daniel