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Dear brothers and sisters,
Today we celebrate the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, and with it, we close the Christmas season. Certainly, the Baptism of Christ happened many years after his birth, at the beginning of his public life. However, the Church wisely invites us to reflect on this mystery while we are still celebrating the joy of his nativity. Why?

The mystery of the Baptism of Jesus is one of revelation: God’s love and kindness “appear” and are seen by everyone. In the fact that Jesus was baptized by John we see his solidarity and humility. We know that John’s baptism was one of repentance, and of course, the Lord had no need of repentance. But He chose to share our life, to teach us and guide us, walking with us every step of the way. This is something that we see when He receives Baptism from John: at the beginning of his public ministry He shows his total love and commitment. And in doing so, He receives a wonderful confirmation of his identity and mission, when the heavens were opened and the Father solemnly said to Him: You are my beloved son; with you I am well pleased. As we rejoice for seeing this love and solidarity, we should also try to renew our own Baptism, and be good children of our good Father.

God bless you all,
Fr. Daniel