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Dear brothers and sisters,

Someone asked the Lord a question about how many would be saved. He did not give any number nor statistics, but rather turned the curious question into a personal matter: [you] strive to enter through the narrow gate.

Salvation is not a given, a cheap reality that will happen anyway to anyone, regardless of our good or bad actions. If a wrong understanding of mercy led us to think this way, we would not truly appreciate the high price paid by Christ for our salvation. But He died for us, so that we can live and be saved! So we need to strive, make an effort and enter through the narrow gate.

This also means that we need to help others to know and be aware of this reality. We cannot simply ignore that many people are at risk of ignoring or rejecting the right path! And for this, as a duty of love, we need to share the good news: God loves us and wants our salvation. Let us say that kind word, let us make that invitation, let us bring people to Christ!

With my prayers,
Fr. Daniel