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Dear brothers and sisters,
Happy Solemnity of the Epiphany! Today is a day of great joy and celebration, as we contemplate the glory of Christ, hidden in his humility, yet revealed for those who are humble. The magi came from afar to see the newborn King. There are many details of this narrative that remain unknown to us. But, among those that we know, one aspect of their story appears particularly salient: they were overjoyed when they saw the star. “Overjoyed”… if we look carefully at the original text of the Gospel, a more literal translation would read: they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. These words are so rich! They sound redundant and even clumsy, but they express what words cannot express: the unique joy of knowing that all the promises are being fulfilled, that the long centuries of expectation are reaching their fulfillment, that all evil and suffering are going to be overcome in the coming of the Divine Child.

For us, the star also brings good news. Our own problems find an answer; our sins, redemption; our hopes, fulfillment. It is true: God becomes one of us, He becomes our brother, He comes to redeem our lives. Hope is real, and thus, joy is overwhelming: we too, should rejoice exceedingly with great joy, for we have seen his glory, the glory of his Epiphany.

With my prayers,
Fr. Daniel