Dear friends in Christ,
Sometimes in our daily lives, God becomes more of an idea than a real person. Jesus was very emphatic in his response to the Sadducees: God is God of the living, not of the dead. God is alive, He is the Living God, the All-Powerful Father who sustains all that exists. When God is not seen as the Living God, then He is perceived as an idea, a preference, something negotiable, at the same level of other ideas or opinions. Then, as it was the case for the Sadducees, we can ask interesting questions about God, but be far from Him. Then, as we see often today, God and his Word are not a source of authority, but only a matter of preference, as long as there is no other idea that we would rather choose. The God of the living calls us to know Him, love Him and follow Him. And, in difficult times, He assures us of his company and support. Even in times of trial and persecution, He offers heaven, and gives us everlasting encouragement and good hope, directing our hearts to the love of God and the endurance of Christ, as St. Paul said today. As we get ready for the presidential election, let us renew our faith in the living God, and receive from Him the endurance and hope we need to be faithful to Him at all times.

United in prayer,
Fr. Daniel