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No Homily Recording This Week

My dear friends in Christ,
Happy Easter and happy Divine Mercy Sunday! The joy of the resurrection, with its explosion of song and color, is still fresh in our hearts as we close today the octave of Easter, celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday.

As we are in a special jubilee of Mercy, this year the celebration of this Sunday has a particular relevance. The call to trust in the merciful heart of Jesus resounds loud and clear, especially amidst the many difficulties we all experience. While being the time in which more has been said about the rights of human beings, the past two centuries have experienced the most insane wars, and have seen the most radical violations against human life. This world needs to know the infinite mercy of God.

But the devotion to Divine Mercy is important not only because of the world’s problems. We know that our hearts need mercy. It is consoling to hear again the story of Thomas, who doubted and yet in the end believed. We ourselves have our own problems, sins, and doubts. But we can always change, as long as our hearts open to the good news of God’s divine mercy. So let us celebrate this good news, thanking God for his mercy and trying to be more merciful in our lives.

With my prayers,
Fr. Daniel