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Dear friends in Christ,
The Gospel tells us today of the surprising action of Christ toward the woman caught in adultery and toward those who were condemning her. When everything seemed lost and a rigid observance of the law indicated that she should be stoned to death, Jesus responded first with silence, while writing on the ground with his finger. We can imagine how exasperating that silence might have been for the Pharisees.

When they continued asking Him, He finally said, with remarkable wisdom and serenity: Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her. When everyone left, Jesus said his wonderful words: Neither do I condemn you. The Lord forgave her sins and saved her from condemnation: this is the mystery of God’s mercy! Pure love and forgiveness that is, however, not a cheap pass to do whatever we want. We have to read what Jesus also said to her: Go, and from now on do not sin any more. This is true mercy: forgiveness and call to conversion. This how Jesus healed, and this is how He calls us to Him: forgiving and calling us to change. Mercy and justice are both dimensions of God’s love.

In only one week we will be celebrating Palm Sunday, and so entering into the mystery of Holy Week. Let us try to truly open our hearts to the gift of God’s mercy, so that we can accompany Him as He pays its price for us during Holy Week.NWith my prayers,
Fr. Daniel