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Dear brothers and sisters,
The liturgy of the Word of this Sunday clearly makes us think about our calling. We are all called to follow Christ, but also, as it appears in the readings, to be his apostles. This is one of the points in which we can find more resistance among Catholics. While most people will accept that we should all announce the good news of Christ, very few would do the simple math: that means me too. In some strange but common way of reasoning, we frequently find arguments to be the exception to the rule: I don’t have time, I have too many problems, I am not worthy, I have no formation. However, our readings show us that there are no excuses. Isaiah felt unclean and yet he was sent; Paul, who had persecuted the Church, was not fit to be called an apostle, and yet he was chosen; Peter was aware of his sinfulness, and still, Jesus called him to be a fisher of men. Our excuses are no more than that: excuses. We should not try to show God what, apparently, he missed when he called us (our lack of time, our past sins, our lack of preparation, etc). He knows that, and He calls us today to be his apostles. What will we say? Hopefully, even being aware of our unworthiness, we will say like Isaiah: here I am, send me.

With my prayers,
Fr. Daniel