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Dear brothers and sisters,

The readings show us Jesus as our true savior. He is truly our redeemer not only because of his divine power, capable of such an impressive miracle as the resurrection of a dead man, but also because He became man, one of us, our brother and our friend. This simple truth is absolutely essential: God saves us through Christ, whose human heart allows Him to experience compassion, in the true sense of the word: compassion; to suffer with. In this way, God really united Himself with us, reconciling the wound that separated us from Him. Being aware of this reality is important if the Gospel is to be more than a nice story from the past. The Word we heard today is the good news of our possible redemption, of the gift offered by Jesus in our own lives. And for this we need to open our own hearts to encounter Him more deeply in prayer, and especially in the sacrament of confession. Hopefully, this Sunday can become an occasion of renewing our desire to be more open to the salvation brought by Jesus to each one of us.

With my prayers,
Fr. Daniel