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Dear friends in Christ,

The Lord himself teaches us how to pray. What a blessing! We do not believe in a distant God who has no contact with us, but rather, we trust in a loving God who wants to be with us and who teaches us how to pray! Today we learn again the most important prayer of all: the Our Father. And with it, we are encouraged to pray with persistence: to ask, knock, and call, knowing that God will always hear our prayer. One of the most important lessons about prayer is that trust is at the root of any authentic prayer. We need to believe that God will give us good gifts. To be clear, the promise is not that we will receive exactly what we wish. Rather, Jesus said that the Father will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him. This is his promise, this is our hope: God will listen to our prayer and will give us what we need. Let us find comfort in this certainty, and renew our commitment to pray with confidence.

United in prayer,
Fr. Daniel