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Dear brothers and sisters,

The Lord invites us today to reflect upon the true understanding of joy. After the disciples came back from their first mission, they were excited and happy about what they had done. Spontaneously, they began to share all their great works. It is significant that Jesus led them to a deeper joy than that which comes from what we can do. That deeper joy is also more stable as it does not depend on what we do; it lasts forever because it comes from God. That joy is the joy of being called: the awareness of being chosen, of having received a gift that we do not deserve, that surpasses our merits and can only be understood when we realize that we are loved. God’s love is unconditional; therefore, we have always a reason to rejoice, for our names are written in heaven. With gratitude, let us try to open our hearts to this profound joy so that we can also respond with generosity to such a generous gift.

God bless you all,
Fr. Daniel