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Easter Homily:


Dear brothers and sisters,

Happy Easter! After experiencing again with our Lord his passion and death, his love reaching the extreme of the cross; after the silence and hope of Saturday, in which we awaited with Mary the fulfillment of the ancient promises, we come now to the inexhaustible joy of the resurrection. The Lord is risen; He is truly risen!

Why do you seek the living one among the dead?, the Angels said to the women at the tomb. This is what is said to us as well: Don’t seek for life where you can find only mortal things, or mortal people. We have been made for more; we long for an infinite love, stronger than death. Today we find what we are looking for, and we find it in an empty tomb. The Lord Jesus, true God and true man, is risen. Because of this, He is with us here and always, and He offers us the gift of his mercy: his forgiveness, his company, his friendship. Let us rejoice for so much love and mercy! All our problems and struggles are not as strong and powerful as the joy of Easter. Let us believe that this is real: Jesus is risen; He is truly risen!

Happy Easter! God bless you and your families!
Fr. Daniel