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No Homily Recording this Week

Dear brothers and sisters,
As we enter the Church in procession for the solemn celebration of Palm Sunday we enter the most special and intense time of the year. Holy Week is not just a time to remember what Jesus did a long time ago, but the sacred moment of the year when those events are renewed. The awareness of this fact is essential for a fruitful participation in the liturgical celebrations. Otherwise, those liturgies are nothing more than our effort to remember a past –certainly important- but ultimately past event.

In reality, much more than that happens: through the mystery of the Church, those events happen again; in the visible signs of the liturgy, Jesus is in action, and He institutes the Eucharist and the priesthood, He suffers and dies for us, He rises from the dead. These days are truly holy. Let us be holy. Let us avoid distractions, let us pray more, let us have a prayerful and reverent disposition for the liturgies, so that this week will be for us a time of salvation.

With my prayers for a good Holy Week,
Fr. Daniel